Mielżyński is also an inviting retreat
that revolves around the culture of
wine-making, where regular
wine-tastings and Sound of Wine
concerts frequently take place. We
often invite wine producers from
different parts of the world to come.
Mielżyński is not only a shop
for great wines with a fabulous
wine bar.

Bud break welcome spring (early May). A
wine-tasting focused on a specific region of a given country.

Grand cru – to welcome summer (end of
June). A wine-tasting that offers a chance to
try some of the best top-shelf wines, where we
often host over a dozen producers from
different parts of the world.

Our wine-tastings take place from 6-8pm, and
are open to anyone with a desire to widen
their knowledge of wines. The concert portion
of the evening begins at 8pm. Throughout the
year, we feature performances from different
musicians singers and groups. Part of the
proceeds (which allow us to live and drink
merrily) are allocated to support local charities.

Wine & food – a presentation of wine and
foods from a given country or region. These
events, hosted by our wine bar, give us an opportunity to meet with wine producers and
trained chefs who provide a taste of special
dishes from all around the world.

Vertical tastings – one wine, different tastes.
Tastings where a specific wine producer
presents several (or a dozen) wines produced
during different years. Extremely interesting
opportunity to compare the influence of
atmospheric conditions during a given year on
what is revealed in the bottle.

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