We organize private wine-tastings
for individual as well as corporate clients.
This can be a novel, memorable way to
commemorate an important occasion,
network with clients and co-workers,
or bond with friends.
The nature and length of the tasting is always
decided on an individual basis
and adjusted to fit the specific needs and
expectations of each client.
Please contact us if you are interested
in further details. contact us.
All Around Wine - a shop where,
as the name implies, you can find
everything associated with wine.
Every wine lover is sure to find
something, either for themselves
or as a gift for someone special.

Wine-based liquors – for those who like
something a little stronger than wine, we offer
the best liqueurs, cognac, porto, sherry
and other refined liquors. All with a quality
guaranteed by Robert Mielżyński's high

Specialties – we also offer a fine selection
of vinegars and balsamic vinegars, delicious
olives, pastas, risottos, and the highest-quality
smoked Scottish salmon and Spanish hams,
as well as tasty sweets, such as rich nougats,
creamy chocolates, and chocolates from the
renowned Turino manufacturer Guido

Accessories and literature – we have
a distinguished selection of fine crystal
wineglasses, elegant knives and corkscrews,
tasteful books about wine, films and posters.
Any of which makes an excellent gift.

All Around Wine is a great place to while away
some quality time with a bite to eat, a glass
of good liqueur, or a cup of aromatic coffee.
Or organize an exeptional evening with
some good friends with a private
hosted by our qualified wine

And, soon, we will have rotating classes for
those who wish to learn more about wine and
the culture of wine...

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