Specialties & accessories

Wine, as is well-known, needs company.
Which is why we offer a wide selection of
sought-after items and tasteful accessories.
These special items, such as terrific vinegars
and balsamic vinegars, olives, pastas,
and sweets, are brought to you directly from the
producers. They are often small family-owned
companies whose highest priority is quality.
We also offer a wide range of elegant
accessories: the thinnest glassware, the most
long-lasting steel, and the most tasteful
designs. They are items which can be passed
from generation to generation, and they make
great gifts - for yourself or for someone
special. And you won't find them in your local
shopping mall.

gift ideas

Tasteful gifts often require sophisticated
wrapping. We can package and ship your
purchases to any address. If you are
interested in this service, please let us know
when you place your order.
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